What is Ethereum ? And how we can make money with ethereum ?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and software platforms which are based on blockchain technology. It facilitates developers to build and deploy new decentralized applications. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It belongs to the same category but has different functionality. In fact most powerful than bitcoin in certain aspects.

Ethereum was designed in such way that it eradicates most of the current problem we have with bitcoin. But nowadays there are many other cryptocurrencies are coming which has more potential then Ethereum and Bitcoin like STRATIS. As soon as cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity more and more currencies are coming with better technology. Better the good higher the chances of making a profit. When it was launched it was mere $10 but today it reached almost $500 per coin. Now you can imagine the growth and potential of ethreum.

When bitcoin was launched it was only $.06 but today it has reached almost $5000 which is a tremendous growth.